'Finlay' pictured here @nearly 11mths in her summer clothes :)

(photo by Kristin)

Breeder: Sue Sparkman   D.O.B. 11/3/2016

'Finlay' was a surprise addition to our doggy family....Even though I had been making enquires about adding a little long coat girl to our family I certainly was not expecting it to happen so soon...But I am sure glad she did as she is just a little doll and such fun to have around!

**** Now at the age of 12-1/2mths Finlay has gained her Championship, along the way picking up multiple class in group awards, to say I am pleased with this sweet little girl would an understatement****

Because of her diminutive size we made the decision to spay Finlay and she LOVES to come along to shows we are going to show her in the neuter class.


@8mths Finlay is now well on the way to her title with multiple BOB and CC and Minor in Group wins under her belt.


@6mths going through the gangly stage and still her tail never stops wagging!!




Finlay pictured at 3mths the day she arrived.... so full of confidence!


Sparklchi Grand Finale
(long coat)
Aust Gd Ch. Armanichi Battle Of Wills (long coat)
NZ CH. Moonglade\'s Jenson Button (Imp NZ) (long coat)
NZ ch. Braver\'s New Beginnings At Moonglade (JPN)
NZ Ch. Kokura Yama JP Angelina Rose At Moonglade (JPN)
Dearchi Moonlite Celebration (long coat)
Dearchi Chad Chippafield (long coat)
Dearchi Peach Washington (long coat)
Ch.Chidolls Decadence (smooth coat)
Gd Ch.Morrano Bobby Buttons (smooth coat)
Ch. Reynosa Time For A Tosca (long coat)
Kfinch Eliza Button (smooth coat)
Ch.Chidolls Sparklee (long coat)
Ch.Chidolls Ferrari Enzo (long coat)
Staplechi Little Lotta (long coat)