We are likely to be considered Sheltie exhibitors more than breeders but when we do breed a litter we consider ourselves to be responsible breeders and even though it is our hobby we put a great deal of thought in planning of our litters and lots of love & effort into the care of our precious babies and we most certainly do not believe that our shelties have to 'Earn their keep'!!!

From these occasional well thought out litters we offer quality puppies for performance and companionship to loving homes....

If you are interested in a puppy please supply us with information about yourself, family lifestyle and location. We would also like to know if you presently own a sheltie or have previously owned one. Are you interested in a male/female and your preference of colour? All of this information will help us to provide you with the best possible match for you and your family. We do reserve the right to place our puppies in what we perceive to be the best home for each puppy. What may be the right puppy for one home is not for another. We also reserve the right to refuse an enquiry/prospective home. It is more important to me that my babies are in forever loving homes...

All our puppies come with an information folder, 'Dogs NSW' Limited Registration, and are vet checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped & eye tested and are placed with a strict spay/neuter agreement. Any puppy that we have bred and run for ourselves but then decide let go over the age of six months will be spayed/neutered before leaving us to join their new family.

As we live in suburbia and have limited space...we also sometimes have available healthy young adults who have decided that they do not want to be show dogs....and as with our youngsters they will be transferred onto Limited Register and spayed/neutered  before joining their new family.

Please do not put too much emphasis on markings when purchasing a Shetland Sheepdog puppy. Nowhere in the breed standard does it say that a Shetland Sheepdog is only purebred if classically marked. The different markings that each dog has is what make this breed and each dog unique.

Lastly a word of advice; When you are visiting a litter of puppies please REMEMBER you are not visiting a toy shop! And even though my babies are happy, healthy puppies... they are only babies and DO NOT have on/off switches & are not programmed to 'switch on' when their prospective families come to meet them...so don't expect them to perform on demand and chase your children all around the yard!!


If you have read all this and and you are still interested in having one of my "kids" join your family, please feel free to contact me.


We have nothing available at this time